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A Killing In D.C.

When there’s “A Killing In D.C.”, the D.C. Police Department looks to its best Detectives to solve the crime. The Homicide Division “when your day ends, their day begins.”


Detective First Class Marcus Rose is a twenty one year veteran of the D.C. Police Department and one of the best Homicide Detectives there is. Handsome, intelligent and methodical, Marcus is assigned to investigate the death of the daughter of a prominent, powerful and influential business man. Marcus leaves no stone unturned as he weaves through webs of deceit and follows the clues no matter where they lead.


Look into the lives of the Detectives that assist Marcus, exposing their flaws, fears and shortcomings as they come together to expose a murderer and bring justice to the Nation’s Capital.


The Root of All Evil

Detective Marcus Rose is the D.C. Police Department’s finest. He and his squad of Detectives investigate the brutal murder of a rich, ruthless adulterous villain who has left a trail of enemies in his rear view mirror. The list of suspects are long but Marcus and his colorful cast of detectives prove that sometimes the most imperfect people make up the perfect squad.